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By now, you might be thinking, "If Used books are so great, couldn't I sell New books for even more money?" You can browse for these deals on Amazon (it helps to set Keepa alerts) or you can use a book flipping software tool to speed up your sourcing.

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There are some buyers on Amazon who are prolific review writers. When a growing business encounters such a customer, it makes sense to contact them directly on behalf of the business to see if they would be willing to write a review. The Vine reviewers are users who are chosen by Amazon for the strength and integrity of their other reviews. By participating in Amazon Vine, new or smaller sellers looking to increase their reviews can have the chance to do so – with verified users who are likely to leave detailed, honest reviews.

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And Amazon basically already does this with product recommendations, they just need to treat reviews like products. Looking for a new Amazon Review legitimacy checker add-on now that the OG fakespot is gone, recommendations?1

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Amazon has been plagued with reviews that artificially boost product ratings for years. A Washington Post investigation back in 2018 found that obviously fake reviews dominated some product categories, including bluetooth headphones and health supplements. Amazon said that it reported more than 1,000 review-selling groups to social media platforms in the first quarter of 2021 - up threefold from the same period the prior year. Whether that speaks to the prevalence of fake reviews or the online retailer taking the issue more seriously isn't clear, but the company was keen to pass the blame onto social media companies for their lax enforcement of those groups when they violate platform rules.

6. Who's reviewing? Recent studies carried out by the review analyzer ReviewMeta shows that fake Amazon reviews are on the increase in 2019. They claim to have found 1.8 million unverified reviews, of which 99.6% rate with 5 stars. For brands that choose to be transparent, these fake Amazon reviews are not only discouraging, but they may also be putting them out of business.

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